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In my continuing trek to explore local game stores (LGS), the most impressive looking play area that I have seen by far is at the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center in Roseville. Entering the Event Center feels like walking into a to a convention show room; it has great lighting, high ceilings, beautiful banners, and fantastic displays promoting the games it carries.

Calling the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center a LGS feels like a bit of a stretch, as it is owned by Fantasy Flight Games, a wonderful game company that creates and publishes scores of board games, card games, and roles playing games. It seems like the Event Center should fall into a different category of store than a LGS, but it is a game store and it is local (for me), so I’m going to take a stand and call it an LGS.

Being a part of a significant game company, the Event Center is more of a showroom/destination than a typical LGS; it feels like walking into a gaming temple, whereas most LGS feel like walking into a gaming club. Another difference is that the Event Center focuses more on board games that most LGS, even those that contain significant play spaces.

Fantasy Flight Games Event Center’s merchandise consists the board games, living card games, miniature games, and role playing games that the company produces, as well as products from their key partners, such as Games Workshop, Cipher Studios, Nexus Games, and Sophisticated Games.

Fantasy Flight Games Event Center hosts regular game/league nights for many different games; specific details about league nights as well as other special events can be found on their calendar page.

Fantasy Flight Games Event Center is a great place to game, and a truly unique LGS experience. Have you been to Fantasy Flight Games Event Center or a similar location in your area? Share your experiences in the comments section.

Fantasy Flight Games Event Center
1975 Oakcrest Avenue, Suite 10
Roseville, MN 55113

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